Friday, February 1, 2013


For those following this blog, Star passed away on Dec 30th 2012, my heart is broken and there is a hole that can't be filled. A new puppy will write on here but it will be a while before she is old enough to write, or read for that matter. To those that love dogs, a dog is more then just a dog, they are a part of us and no matter what, will always be a part of us and part of me is missing...........

Monday, January 31, 2011

The last day of bird season

I wasn't sure if dad was going to take me hunting to day or not. The wind has been blowing hard I wasn't sure if today would be any different. When dad came down stairs this morning he was wearing his tan pants, maybe we were going, he then put on his tall boots, oh ya, we were going someplace, I saw him pick up that damn e-collar, we were going. I got all excited and could hardly think. Dad was talking to someone on the phone, and I found out the our neighbor Lull, was going with us. I knew that I had to be on my best behaver or dad would be unhappy with me. We loaded up in Lull's truck and headed out. It wasn't long before we turned off the road and into the feed lot that belongs to the Cross-O ranch, dad got out and unlocked the gate. After about 3 miles we stopped, dad and lull got out, dad made me stay, he then turned in that collar and put it around my neck. everything was ready and dad told me to find the birds. I had noticed that there was a truck parked close to where we wanted to hunt, so lull drove up a little way further. The sun was out and very little wind. we headed south and up a ridge, I worked back and forth in front of dad and lull, I kept widening my search, A couple of times I smelled bird scent but nothing fresh. It was great to be out and I covered the ground, I just love doing this. We hunted for a time and heard gun shots to the north of us, after looking we saw three guys walking toward us and they headed to the field that we were going to hunt. They had three dogs with them and we saw a guy coming up behind us, he had 2 dogs, great, they had been hunting where we wanted to go . By this time the wind was picking up and it was cold, about 23 deg. We drove down to where the guys were parked and they had 4 chukar, we were hunting to low, the birds were above us. Dad and lull decided to call it quits, it was just to cold and by now the wind was howling. We drove down to the road and headed in the wrong direction, I ask dad where we were going and he said to get some lunch in town. Of course they would not let me in, boy that is just wrong, soooo I stayed in the truck hoping that someone would get me something, they did, I love french fries.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hunting the Cross O ranch

Dad loaded me up in the truck, I wasn't sure just where we were going, but I knew it was hunting. We drove north about 5 miles and turned off the main road and on to a feed lot. We then came to a gate, I wanted out right there but dad wouldn't let me. He did something with a chain that was around the post and the gate opened up. We drove through and dad closed the gate and did something with the front end, turned the hubs I think. The road was very bumpy and we were driving very slow, I looked out the window and went back down on the seat, it was a long way to the bottom and I didn't want to watch. After a while he pulled in to a spot and got out, I tried to get past him but he said" stay" after about three times and a swat, I figured out that I was to stay in the truck until he said it was OK, he sure gets bossy at times. Dad reached on the dash and got my collar, sometimes it bites me if I am not paying attention, I don't like it. After a short time, seemed like a week to me, dad said OK and let me out. Boy it felt good to run. I headed to a draw that was full of brush, I was sure there would be birds in there, there had been but they left quite a while ago. I headed up the hill to the north, looked like good chukar country, running hard, I covered a lot of ground. I stretched out and had the wind in my face and climbed even higher ,I sure love this. Dad had walked up the hill and was in front of me, I don't like it when he does that and ran to get ahead of him. We hunted for about 2 hours, I could tell there had been bird in the area but they were not here right now. Dad was across the valley from me when it hit me, the sweet smell of birds, I came in upwind and located them next to a large rock, where was dad, he had the gun. I looked across the valley and here he came, sure wasn't moving very fast. The birds were getting nervous and starting to run, I have been taught to stay right here and I did so, dad walked in to where the birds had been but they were gone. Dad released me from my point and I took off up the hill, when I got there the scent just stopped, we were so close but dad is so slow, next time.....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dec 17, 2010

Dad told me we were going hunting again, this was great news to me, I was more then ready. My brothers weren't to happy as they were going to be left home again. We were looking for grouse and then huns, what ever they are, but I was ready to go. We drove up the road across from the house and up to a locked gate, dad has permission to hunt here so he parked the truck, gathered up his gear and we headed out . The first part is in heavy timber, so I started looking for grouse, I covered both sides of the road and down into the timber. Soon I was out in the open, the wind was blowing from the south and I had the whole area to check. I started casting back and forth in front of dad, a couple of time I stopped , thinking I had scented the birds. I worked the flat out and started to work out the steep slope to the west. I could tell dad was having a hard time, the ground was frozen and frost covered the trails, but he was trying to keep up with me. I got to hunting and soon I was out of sight of dad
I could hear him whistle for me but I was running free, I felt bad about doing it but I just kept on going.
Soon I looked around and couldn't see him or hear him, I sure hope he isn't lost. I ran back up the steep slope to where I last saw him, picked up his scent and found him over the top of the ridge sitting on a rock, he was just trying to scare me. Maybe I need to stay a little closer, you know he is getting old. We walked back toward the truck, dad had me at heal, I think he was upset at getting lost... Again no birds were found but I sure enjoyed the outing, so did dad.

First time out

Dad was loading the truck and I noticed that he had his shot gun and hunting vest, this was getting exciting. It would be the first time we have been hunting this year. Dad loaded me into the front of the truck and we headed north through the town of Riggins and out to Cow Creek. I have hunted here before so I knew what to expect. Dad parked the truck and we headed down in to the canyon, dad was a little slow getting down so I waited for him at the creek. The first thing I saw were these tracks, when dad got down there he was none to happy to see them, he said every time he finds turkey tracks he doesn't see any grouse. I hunted hard and looked every where, we walked up the creek to the head but didn't see any birds. I thought that I caught the scent of grouse a couple of time but they were long gone. It sure was good to be out. We hunted for about 2 hours then dad said his hip was starting to bother him so we headed out of the canyon and back up to the truck. we still had a great time, and I was happy.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Still not hunting

We still haven't been able to hunt this year, dad had his left hip replaced and is unable to walk very far, I am getting restless and want to go. Dad promised that as soon as he can, we will go. I wanted to go by my self but he won't let me, something about not having a drivers license. There have been a lot of quail in the yard so I have been spending my time looking for them. As soon as we go I will post on here.